Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Media and the Washington Community

A few points of style:

The new environment (Malecha, 26):
Words uttered on talk radio and cable TV, once considered almost entirely disposable, are now etched onto servers around the world. They can end up on sites such as YouTube where they are viewed time and again by people well beyond the target audience. They can be redirected to potential critics via e-mail, as happened in this case. In other words, they live on and can come back to haunt the people responsible for them.
Newt talks about the new Washington of the 1980s.

Changes in technology

New players (an explanation from Education Week):

Think tanks
Lobbying (data in the link do not account for outside lobbying)
The example of religious groups

Issue networks, revolving doors ... and jobs

Mail, E-mail, and Congress
Congress and Social Media

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