Monday, April 11, 2011

Coincidental Journalism

On Monday night, an Air France jet clipped a smaller plane on the runway at JFK. The accident was relatively minor and there were no injuries. Interestingly, Jim Bittermann, CNN's Senior International Correspondent, was a passenger on the larger Air France plane. This CNN article drew heavily on Bittermann's personal experience on the plane. According to the article:

Looking out the window, Bittermann could see that the last foot or so of the Airbus 380's left wing had been damaged. The other plane also suffered some damage.

"You could see the part of the 380's wing hanging down from the horizontal stabilizer of the Delta jet," he said, having seen the damage firsthand from a seat on the larger plane's left side.


Bittermann described passengers' mood aboard that flight as relatively light-hearted and calm, after the pilot alerted them of what happened.

"People started making jokes," he said, while waiting to pick up his bags in New York. "But I think the jokes will stop when they start finding out that they may be stuck here for a while."

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