Monday, March 23, 2009

The Daily Show Goes Inside the White House Press Corps

"In a new Administration, it's not just the government that changes. The people that cover the government change as well." Except Helen Thomas.

I remembered this segment of a recent "Daily Show with John Stewart" that recently aired, and points out the comical aspects of the White House Press Corps, many of which were topics in today's class. Some of these include:

A very small press room (:35)
The very un-West-Wing-like press offices (:50)
Dan Lothian of CNN calling himself a "hungry bird" (1:25)
Chip Reid of CBS commenting on small attention spans (2:00)
An interaction with Helen Thomas (2:25)
John Oliver's scripted interview with Robert Gibbs (3:40)

Though it fails to address any conflict between the White House and the Press and is clearly edited for comedy, it does prove a few points so I thought I would pass it along - if not only to experience Helen Thomas in real time!

Sorry about the ads, I had to use Hulu because I couldn't find it on YouTube!

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  1. No need to apologize. Viacom, Comedy Central's parent, is vigilant about keeping its video off YouTube. It wants to protect the ad revenue it gets from Hulu and its own site.