Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bias, Ethics, and CMC Student Publications

I wouldn't normally post my own journalistic work on this blog, but the recent debate sparked by my piece in today's Port Side issue echoes exactly what we have been learning about media bias, ethics, and sources.

My article on conservatives at CMC focuses on the strained relationship between the Claremont Independent and the Port Side, whose opposing ideological views often breed mutual accusations of bias and inaccuracy. The Claremont Conservative responded to my article, claiming that my quoting the Port Side Editor-in-Chief violated journalistic ethics. I addressed these criticisms on the Port Side's blog, the Compass; to achieve a balanced portrayal of the relationship, I needed to quote our Editor-in-Chief in addition to both the Claremont Independent's Editor Emeritus and current Editor-in-Chief. The Claremont Conservative then tried to give me a lesson in "Ethics 101."

Throughout this ordeal, I kept thinking about how applicable our course is to real-life media politics, and I just wanted to share this experience as an example.

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