Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chicago Tribune on How It's Reporting

Interesting for me because I am from Chicago, but also a relevant article for our class on how the Tribune will cover the blizzard in Chicago.

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How the Chicago Tribune is covering the 2011 Chicago Blizzard cleanup

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The Chicago Tribune, like the city we cover, is engrossed in the extent of the 2011 blizzard, and also dealing with its effects. In many cases, we weren't able to deliver our print edition on time today, so we've been offering the e-edition for free. (Our full blizzard coverage is here.)

Meet_Dahleen In one particular case, we were intimately involved in one of the most dramatic stories of the storm -- the paralyzed Lake Shore Drive where hundreds were trapped as they tried to get home. One of those people was reporter Dahleen Glanton, who is writing a first-person story about being trapped with dozens of others on a No. 146 bus until 2 or 3 in the morning. Check out Brian Cassella's photo blog of the night on Lake Shore Drive.

But much of our focus is on the cleanup and the aftermath. We're looking at public transportation in Chicago, where towed cars are going, where the SNOW is going, the remarkable accuracy of forecasts and scope of the weather -- and what impact a "lame duck" blizzard will have on Chicago politics during a mayoral election year with no incumbent.

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