Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl of Interviews: Obama vs O'Reilly

While the Steelers and Packers were the marquee event of Super Bowl Sunday, the NFL on Fox decided to tackle (sorry for the lame football pun) some hard news with a pre-game interview of President Obama by Bill O'Reilly. Many people wondered whether there would be more contact during the interview or the actual game. O'Reilly did interrupt the President more than 20 times in the 15 minute interview.
As a Bears fan, the President of course had to pick against the Packers. It's interesting to see how the interview can go from such a heavy subject such as the crisis in Egypt to a debate about blitzes and touchdowns.
Here's the interview
Last year Mr. Obama sat down with Katie Couric since CBS broadcast the game. It's interesting that the biggest day in sports and biggest event in television each year is becoming an annual platform for a serious interview...not exactly what you expect all those football fans drinking Miller Lites and eating too many buffalo wings all day long to want to spend their tailgate time watching.

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