Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Scoop!

Forum reporter and fellow classmate Jesse Blumenthal broke some news this week.
United States Representative David Dreier '75 (R-CA) told him in an interview that he had heard confirmation Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert '77 intended to run for a Texas Senate seat. Blumenthal, following reporting standards, was careful to specify Leppert would "likely" enter the race in light of Kay Bailey Hutchinson's recent retirement. Leppert himself would not confirm these facts to the Forum, only hinting that he has been encouraged to run and was "exploring opportunities."
In a matter of hours, Politico and The Dallas Morning News had linked Blumenthal's piece as quite the unusual leak.

WaPo's The Fix and a National Journal blog referenced Dreier's "cryptic hint" by this morning.

Michael Wilner contributed to this blog post.

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