Monday, April 15, 2013

Campaigns and the Media 3

A governor of a big state has a very important advantage. In 2011, Rich Galen quoted a source:
We are a Texas business. Perry is either going to be President of the United States or he's going to be Governor of Texas for the next three years. In either case, our name is going to be on that first finance report.
Even though the state reporters know their politicians and their politicians’ aides better than the national media, we get jilted for the bigger, better deal when they start trying to move up the political food chain. “I could probably get George Stephanopoulos to mow my yard right now,” one senior Perry aide told me a few days ago. Jay Root Oops! (A Diary from the 2012 Campaign Trail) (Kindle Locations 365-368). Byliner Digital Services. Kindle Edition.

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