Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bill Gentile's Backpack Journalism Blog


I decided to look into backpack journalism after reading Priya Kumar's Article on Backpack Journalism. Almost immediately, I came across Bill Gentile's Blog. He is a well known backpack journalist who has won an Emmy for his work. His blog shows how anyone can take part in backpack journalism, and encourages people to get involved. He offers "Backpack Journalism Expeditions," workshops, consulting, etc. on his website.

As Kumar notes in her article, backpack journalism requires minimal equipment, which allows journalists to operate the equipment with little or no assistance. This gives them more freedom to explore certain places and issues that are rare on television. In addition, these journalists can help viewers achieve a more personal news experience while providing them with greater context than most short reports on broadcast television. Finally, both Kumar and Gentile note that this type of journalism will allow viewers to see conditions in parts of the world where large news networks cannot afford to send journalists and crews.

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