Monday, March 21, 2011

The Theme Park of CMC's Dreams

Move over, spaghetti trees. On April 1 2009, The Economist made headlines with its announcement of a new theme park: Econoland. Be sure to check out the article and explore Econoland's clickable map. Part of me truly wishes this was real.

Among the thrilling experiences Econoland will offer are:

The currency high-roller: Float like a butterfly with the euro and drop like a stone with the pound! Chamber of horrors: Tremble at the wailing of distressed debt! Fiscal fantasyland: Watch the economy shrivel before your very eyes as you struggle to stop growth falling! Bankrupt Britain: Pit your wits against the government as you try to sink sterling and bring the country to its knees! The Severe Contest: Try your strength against a bear market!

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