Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reinventing News

Engage, a DC-based GOP new media firm, has a cool new product that allows users to balance the volume of news content with the wisdom crowds can provide.

It is, "a cheat sheet for the web’s most important news, curated by Facebook." They've integrated news feeds and Facebook like to produce Newsbook--The Big Stories. Sorted. Filtered. Liked.

The web version can be accessed here. It's worth looking at both as an example of how news consumption is changing, and because it's a pretty useful tool.

The blog post about it's release can be read in full here.

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  1. If I could "like" this post, I absolutely would. My guess is that this development is in conjunction with Facebook's recent update to the "like" button, as explained in this WSJ article. Articles you "like" on Facebook will now also be displayed through thumbnails and/or a brief summary on your own wall. So, theoretically, they will spread even faster or perhaps more easily. The article quoted Malorie Lucich (Facebook spokeswoman)as saying that since the introduction of the like button, “the average media organization has seen a greater than 100% increase in referral traffic from Facebook.”