Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Practice Exam

Briefly identify 8 of the following 10 (5 points each):
  • The "CNN Effect"
  • Jim VandeHei
  • Semipublic control
  • Gag rules
  • Truncated muckraking
  • Niche journalism
  • The "perp walk"
  • Unmediated campaign information
  • Patch.com
  • David Stockman
Answer two of the following three questions. Each answer should take a paragraph or two (15 points each).
  • What is the "strategic grid" in campaign communication?
  • Did coverage of the health-care debate work to the president's advantage or disadvantage?
  • Explain the 'issue-attention cycle."
Answer one of the two questions. Your answer should take 2-3 bluebook pages. (30 points)
  • Define the "horse race" frame. Do the media favor it over other frames? How did it shape 2008 coverage. Explain.
  • Is media consolidation a problem? Is so, why? If not, why not?

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