Tuesday, February 17, 2015

CMC's Very Own Lucas Agnew Featured in the Washington Post

CMC senior Lucas Agnew founded Millennials for Jeb a super PAC, in an effort to stir up support for Jeb Bush among the Millennial generation. The Washington Post has written a story on his efforts. The story has also generated buzz from the Washington Post's political blog, "The Fix."

Lucas first filed paperwork to create the super PAC, which he mentions as being easier to do than he imagined. He then proceeded to make a website, and he has included an online shop which sells Jeb Bush-related merchandise.

I think that Lucas's efforts show how a small out-of-the-box idea can go a long way. Living in a generation that can be described as politically apathetic (only 21% of Millenials cast a ballot in the 2014 election), Lucas is able to make headlines by becoming politically involved in ways that are not too complex. Furthermore, Lucas's efforts also show how concepts that may seem intimidating and may alienate some Millenials from engaging in politics, like the super PAC, are not all that complicated.

Some of the memorable quotes of the article are as follows:
“I hope this is the start of a counteraction by millennial Republicans,” he said. “We’re just focusing on Jeb, not trying to saying anything about Hillary.”  
“I think a lot of my friends are like the average millennial and not too politically involved,” said Agnew, a dual major in government and legal studies who is minoring in leadership. “Obviously, people know the last name. The goal is to get people to see past the last name and look at who Jeb Bush is as a candidate.”
“Our goal is to create pro-Jeb content with the intent that it goes viral,” he said. 

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