Monday, February 2, 2015

News Organization

Types of content other than hard news:
  • Analysis: discussion of the trends, data, or personalities behind hard-news stories. 
  • Feature: in-depth, magazine-length story with in-depth analysis
  • Editorial: unsigned piece giving the opinion of the organization's editorial board
  • Op-Ed: "opposite the editorial page" expresses the opinions of an outside named writer 
  • Column: opinion essay by a writer who regularly writes for the paper or a syndicate
  • Sidebar: a story that accompanies the main news story, focusing on a particular aspect of an event.
  • Anchor One in the television studio who ties together the newscast by reading the news and providing transitions from one story to the next. 
  • Executive Producer The television executive with overall responsibility for the look of the television newscast. 
  • Field Producer Behind-the-scenes television reporter who often does much of the field work for a network's on-camera correspondents. 
  • Correspondent A television reporter who delivers the news on camera. Network correspondents may or may not do the actual news-gathering for their stories. 
  • Show Producer Television news specialists who produce individual newscasts and report to the executive producer.
A typical organization chart for a traditional newspaper:

Digital Natives

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