Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Press and DC Politics

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  Today's WH press briefing 

Some hack/flack terminology: 
  • Close hold: Don't tell anyone
  • Gaggle: Informal, off-camera briefing with Press Corps by the White House Press Secretary
  • Nothingburger : A derisive term to describe a story or event that doesn't have a lot of importance/significance — but is hyped as though it does
  • Pool hold: The place where the reporters and photograhers stay while the president's at an event.
  • Pooled Press: A media arrangement where the major TV networks "pool" their resources and one network covers an event for the others. ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC are in the network pool rotation.
  • Pool spray : Media are  allowed into an event at the White House for a quick minute or so and photographers are "spraying the room" — shooting from left to right, quickly, to capture the scene.
  • Prebuttal: A preemptive rebuttal
  • Pushback: Opposition or resistance to a plan and in this case — a reporter.
  • VIP pool: When the five networks "pool" their coverage of a very important person's travel.
  • Walk it back: To try to refine, clarify or minimize a statement to undo the damage

Review: a typology of leaks
 "The Education of David Stockman"

Novak had a temper, even with Evans:

He still had a temper in 2005:


 Late in life, he explained the leak in the Valerie Plame case:

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