Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Coverage of the CUSJ Report on Rolling Stone's "A Rape on Campus"

This is a follow-up to Dane's post on the CUSJ Report. I was interested how the report was being covered.  Here are some of the most interesting articles that I found (from mainstream media sources).

Jack Shafer, "Rolling Stone and the Media's Glass House," Politico 

  • "May Satan capture your soul and make it his plaything if you think you and your publication are incapable of such journalistic malpractice."
  • "It seems very likely that the magazine’s staff was operating within a social and ideological environment that made the story’s narrative appear to be self-evidently correct."
  • "Which is to say that mistakes and mismanagement run up and down the Rolling Stone masthead, from the fact-checking department all the way up to the office of Managing Editor Will Dana."
Sharon Shadid, "'What Went Wrong' At Rolling Stone?" The Newseum
  • "Equally troubling is the fact that Rolling Stone’s missteps leave the public once again questioning the media’s sinking credibility and wondering how much of what they hear, see or read can be trusted."
On a side note, the UVA Frat is suing Rolling Stone

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