Monday, April 27, 2015

Multiple-Topic Day!

First Couples and the Media (h/t Ben)

Playbook on the Brian Williams leaks.

Why senior thesis writers might seriously think about getting an upload exemption.  (Or, as Agent Coulson put it...)

Jim Tankersley writes at The Washington Post:
The number of news reporters in the Washington, D.C., area nearly doubled over the last decade, from 1,450 to 2,760. In Los Angeles it grew by 20 percent. In New York City, it basically stayed flat. Outside of those cities, in that same timeframe, one out of every four reporting jobs vanished – 12,000 jobs in total, according to the Labor Department.
Meanwhile, in the parts of the country that aren’t Washington or New York or L.A., nearly 20,000 new jobs sprung up in public relations, a 13 percent increase.

These are signs of the collapse of the business model for regional news outlets and of the forces pulling on journalists outside a few insulated cities. They are the reasons why, when it came to light this week that two new winners of the Pulitzer Prize had left their medium-sized newspapers for careers in PR, no one should have been surprised.
Survey of White House correspondents 

Happy 10th, YouTube!

Beware fakery!
Trust and Confidence




Americans' Trust in the Mass Media
Trust in Mass Media, by Party
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Trust in federal institutions:

Trend: Americans' Trust in the Three Branches of the Federal Government
Recent Trend in Trust in the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government, by Political Party

Recent Trend in Trust in the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, by Political Party

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