Wednesday, April 29, 2015

In Honor of Letterman's Last Late Show

Today the New York Times published this interview with David Letterman. The interview provides a personal account of Letterman's relationship with the audience, other hosts, and the greater media landscape that complements our discussion of entertainment media in class. The article links to prior media coverage of Letterman and highlight clips of the "Late Show."

In response to "Has doing the show taught you how much of yourself to give to an audience?" Letterman said: 
In the beginning, you think, I can’t wait to get on television. I’m going to straighten it out. Then people will be saying, “God bless you, Dave Letterman, we have been waiting for somebody to take care of television.” That’s how you feel. And now, I don’t feel that way.
If you're interested in Letterman's earlier interviews: here is a 1986 article with the New York Times and here is a 1989 interview with TIME Magazine. 

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