Thursday, February 26, 2009

MSM Decline/More Facebook

The Rocky Mountain News is the latest casualty.

Debra Saunders, of the endangered San Francisco Chronicle, (see Alex's post from Tuesday) has some well-crafted words of warning:
And I hear this from people who say they care about news. They look to the site-rich Internet for salvation, unaware that the decline of newspapers means that those shiny new websites are linking to fewer real news stories. What looks like more choice isn't. It's more doors leading to fewer rooms. When a newspaper dies, you don't get a comprehensive periodical to fill the void. You get an informational vacant lot into which passersby can throw their junk.
The entire article is worth a look and is available here.

Cathy Young looks at the economics of MSM decline, with some observations on Walter Isaacson's proposals. (See Chloe's post from 2/10). Article is here.

As for Facebook, if you do not believe me, believe Doctor Phil:

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