Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obama, FDR and their appraoch to the Media...similar?

The New York Times posted an opinion essay, "Obama, F.D.R. and Taming the Press" on some of Obama's early relations with the press and how they compare to FDR. In the video, around minute 3:20, a reporter begins to ask President Obama a question, which was not Obama's intention in this meeting of the press. He called the reporter out on his question, letting him know that he did not come down to ask questions, but rather just to get to know the Press, similar to what FDR did as president. I think this was a good move on Obama's part, especially because since Eisenhower, US Presidents have taken a more stand-off approach with the media. Especially in the economic hardships today, it is important that Obama presents himself as a charismatic leader who cares about the well-being of all Americans. A lot of how this is portrayed to Americans is how the media chooses to cover him. Similar to FDR, I think good relationships with the press in the Press Room at the White House will benefit Obama while in office.

You can read the essay and watch the video of Obama meeting with the press at:

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