Monday, February 2, 2009

NYT Executive Director, but more importantly - a former Sagehen - answers questions

Audrey, as I mentioned in a previous post, one option that some people are pointing to is the possibility of turning newspaper companies into nonprofit, endowed institutions instead of relying primarily on advertising and circulation to generate revenue. Endowed newspapers and those making contributions towards the papers would be exempt from taxes, but they would no longer be allowed to endorse candidates for public office.

NYT Exec Director, Bill Keller, brings up this possibility in response to questions directed at the future of the newspaper industry. He points out that his job as an editor puts him in charge of content, not the business model. However, as a Pomona alumnus, I'm sure he has taken at least one or two CMC econ classes to help him out. He points out that the NYT is doing pretty well, partially due to branding and a "devoutly loyal print readership." In fact, he states that circulation revenues have actually grown!

Keller's responses seem questionably optimistic, but understandable given his job title. He will be taking questions for the rest of the week, so it may be worthwhile to stay on the look out for interesting answers, or perhaps even shoot him an email with a question.

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